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Narwey 5025 Makeup Brushes Holder Organizer Travel Cup Storage



  • Red
  • Black
  • Marble
  • Purple


  • Fit around 15 brushes of medium to small size, like a couple of face brushes and several eye brushes. It certainly could hold more eye makeup brushes if they are small.
  • Convenient to pack and carry all your makeup brushes in a compact but sturdy container when travelling without worrying that the brushes would be flattened by your other belongings.
  • When at home, the brushes sit in one side of the two parts and are easily accessible. You could convert it into two holders for more storage.
  • A lot of dust settles in the room, you need a makeup brush case to protect the brushes from dust.
  • Made of PU leather with snap shut, size in 3.1"x3.1"x9" / 8x8x23cm.







- This makeup brushes cup is great for your make-up brushes for everyday storage, ease of use, as - well as pefect size when you are travelling without worrying the brushes would be get damaged.
- It becomes two holders when it is open which you could get more storage use.
- It holds several large face brushes and tons of eyebrushes, and snap shut.

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Red, Black, Marble, Purple

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