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Victoriatourist Laptop College Book Backpack Business Travel Nylon Rucksack Bag Red + Black




12.5 x 9 x 18.7 inches

Fit the 15" laptop along with all camera gear (A6000, RX10, RX100, 2 lenses, 4 spare batteries + 2 chargers),  a travel outlet charger, lens cleaner, and an 8" tablet. This backpack has been worth every penny.

Customer Reviews

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Five Stars

good enough.

Nice camera bag

This is a nice bag, and I've liked it so far. Holds my Nikon d7100 with a lens, plus my two other lenses in the bottom, and then I have room to put all my other additions in one of the other pockets. Took it with me to Hawaii and it held up really well, its pretty durable, although if you're travelling somewhere hot and hiking, keep in mind the shoulder straps are a mesh and hold in sweat, which isn't the most comfortable feeling. It is a little big for small planes, I took it as my extra bag and had a hard time getting it under the seat. But overall its a nice bag and I will definitely be using it more.

Great travel pack

I bought this to take on a trip to Africa, to haul camera gear, IPad and various other things. This is perfect for me, well made and comfortable.

Great for traveling

This was my first backpack for carrying my DSLR camera. It was a great purchase and has held up well for the last 4 years. I have taken it on many hikes and places around the country. The only thing I would say is that if you do long hikes, I would look for a different bag with hip straps and more support; it's not super comfortable for long hikes. But, that's not necessarily what it's meant for, so nothing against the manufacturers.

multi use camera backpack

This backpack was able to be used as my carry-on for a flight. The extra padding helps keep the camera safe. The camera goes on the bottom in the front leaving the top for your extra items. There is a side area that can be used for water bottles or for camera stands. It was comfortable to use on hikes throughout the Virgin Island even in 80+ degrees. When using it for a weekend in NYC, we found that the zipper area usually used for a laptop is excellent for stashing wallets and important items that would be hard for a "pick pocket" to access. It also doesn't scream "I am a tourist" like some other camera bags do. The hidden rain cover is also a bonus!As a reference point, I am 5'8" and my husband is 6' 2" and we both felt the bag was very comfortable for long periods of walking. Lots of nice padding built into the back of the bag.