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Don't go to Iceland too early

Iceland has many unforgettable memories of seeing the aurora borealis. When taking a bath, I thought it was a gas leak, so I dressed to run for my life, It turned out to be the smell of geothermal water; Stay overnight on a ranch with only two families, terrifyingly quiet, but got a restful sleep.

My friend and I spent 17 days driving by ourselves, sleeping until we woke up and then driving for two or three hours. Bubble hot spring in the town that has hot spring and go to the supermarket for dinner and breakfast the next day and a snack in a bit bigger town. Our car is full of snacks just like the kindergarten spring tour bus.

If you are busy and don't have much time or savings, don't worry. Because it's not good to go to Iceland too early, and then go somewhere else, and it's not good to go anywhere else.

But I think I may not go to the second time, not because of anything else, but for a good memory once is enough. And there are so many wonderful places in the world that I haven't set foot in.

What I did in Iceland?

1. Self-driving

The beauty of Iceland is not a scenic spot, but the scenery along the road. Self-driving is the best way to get around, to feel like you're driving at the end of the world.

When we were on the sinai peninsula, the sky suddenly turned dark and dense in the middle of the road. There was a hole in the cloud through which the light shone like an alien coming to earth, and we drove through the light.

In the troll peninsula, feelling the deep rock valley, river raging, the wind swept up the stimulation, like a typhoon day, the cat in bed, feel very safe; On the longa peninsula, we drove on deserted highways that stretched as far as the eye could see, the grass as far as the eye could see, and the sea as far as the eye could see.

That's the fun of driving in Iceland.

2. The Aurora

There's nothing more to look forward to than an aurora.

If you haven't seen it, and you're not particularly looking forward to it, you're probably thinking that the aurora borealis in the photographer's image must have been beautified.

But after seeing it, you'll be sure to include the aurora as one of the "most beautiful sights," because no camera equipment can capture the shock of the aurora.

The whole sky is surrounded by colorful light, like a huge screen, all kinds of high saturation of light, red purple green yellow...... Quick flash. You don't have time to scream.

If the aurora is weak, it's just green. So many posts on the Internet will say that the aurora is only green, other colors are photographic effects. Not really.

Tips for seeing aurora : Iceland met office predicts auroras with high accuracy. The aurora is most often seen at 11pm, in the previous proposal to turn off the lights in the house, found out the window there is a sign of clothing, rushed out!

3. Geysers

Geysir geyser, which erupts every 8 minutes, is amazing to see with your own eyes.

I also joked with my friends that there were some indians down there, pushing a switch every 8 minutes...

4. Watner national glacier park

The image most people have of Iceland is one of icebergs. Maybe Iceland needs ice.

But actually in Iceland, I don't think it's beautiful.

Glacier park does not charge admission (Iceland has almost no ringed attractions, all of which are accessible by car), but there are toll yachts that allow you to see the glacier up close. But I personally think the experience is also very general, not the service is not good, but the glacier here, closer but not far look good. If the season is right, consider hiking on a glacier.

5. Myvatn

Myvatn is a must for most tourists, can play a lot of items, the scenery is also beautiful. I've lost track of how many rainbows I've seen at Myvatn.

Go to Dimmuborgir park for a hike and take a picture at lava arch, or go to Grjotagja cave to see the place where Jon lost his virginity, as well as the falls of the gods.

6. Whale watching (husavik)

Khusavik is one of Iceland's great towns. Although it's not very well housed or fed, it has a great program -- whale watching.

But the chances of seeing a whale are too high to go for nothing. If you can, choose a small speedboat, because when you see a whale, the speedboat can fly quickly

7. Museum of witchcraft (Holmavik)

Very, very realistic

About the accommodation

In Iceland, a b&b costs almost the same as a hotel, but it's much more comfortable than in a hotel.

I prefer to stay in a b&b, where I can feel the local people and feel at home. In Iceland we were often the only people in the whole building, as if we were just living somewhere else.

Many who have been to Iceland say the accommodation is poor. I guess they're staying in a hotel. Indeed, the hotel is very general, the decoration style is also very backward. However, I personally think the homelands are very good, with strong Nordic decoration, clean and modern, a lot of bathroom floors have floor heating, and I feel so happy when I walk barefoot on them. Besides, the facilities are also very complete (in Iceland, it is really important to have a kitchen if you don't want to treat your stomach badly).

But what are the advantages of staying in a hotel? You can always ask the front desk if you have any questions, and there is no need for breakfast. Unlike in Iceland, there are restaurants everywhere. Having a kitchen is really important if you don't want to shortchange your stomach.

Hidden in a grove of birches, I thought I was going the wrong way. Go out at night to see the aurora, very beautiful, there is no light pollution.

The owner is very warm and well-dressed, even at home, he will neatly wear a suit.

About eating

I have pictures, lots of pictures......
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