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WANDF Duffel Bags As The Travel Companions

Portable and foldable duffle bags are practical and convenient. The super capacity is enough for a variety of souvenirs in travel. The bright color allows you to recognize your luggage at a glance in the numerous luggage, but also makes the trip more than a lively atmosphere.

Every trip has its own luggage needs. Sometimes you want an easy rollaboard; sometimes you want an elaborate system of supportive hiking straps. And sometimes you just want a simple, flexible duffel. Named for a town in Belgium where the coarse woolen cloth used for the original duffel bag was made, duffels are ideal for long weekend trips that don't merit a full suitcase, expeditions where your bags may get tossed around, or bumpy cobblestone and transit-packed cities where you prefer to carry your bag rather than wheel it. They also make for especially good carrt-on bags, since you can use them on their own or slide them on top of a rolling luggage handle, and they easily squeeze into overhead bins without any wheel interference.

Size restrictions vary by airline, but you'll most likely be safe if you stick to the international standard of around 21 x 14 x 9 inches. Duffel bag dimensions are a bit, well, squishier than hardside luggage, so you do have more wiggle room to shove your bag into a bin but also more potential to accidentally overstuff it to the point where it doesn't fit anymore.

WANDF T302 Foldable travel duffel bags in 20 x 13.6 x 8.7 inches

The WANDF T302 Folding Duffel Bag is the most popular one of the products by WANDF. Dimensions: 18 x 8 x 14 inches. Wandf T302 Duffel Bag With Side Pocket is made of special nylon material that is lightweight, water-resistant and anti-scratch. Now with fashion Floral print pattern, will make you love it even more. The Side pocket for sneakers, adjustable & removable long shoulder strap and additional velcro tape to keep the bag stayed on the suitable tightly. Suitable for long journey. Easy to be folded into a really small compact size 7" x 7" x 1", taking up so little space but opens up to have about 40L capacity, which slides comfortably 'under-the-seat' in airplanes. Without doubt, T302 will be your best travel companion, could be served as a gym/ sports/ overnight/ weekend/ airplane carry on/ shopping/ Just-In Case bag as well. It also can be used at home as a dirty laundry compartment.

When you're shopping for a duffel, consider how many pockets you want, what kind of exterior material you prefer, and how you like to carry it. Since we're specifically focusing on carry-ons here, remember you will be carrying it through the airport and potentially onto a train or bus, so more strap options are better to help you find your best carrying posture. Some bags can get caught up in micro-organizations, with specific pockets designed for everything down to your sunglasses, while others are closer to the classic fabric tube style.

Regardless of your aesthetic preferences, the most important thing is solid construction. You don't want to have to carry your bag through the airport in your arms like a child if you bust a strap, no matter how much you may love it.

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