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WF6103 Foldable Backpack Is Designed With Your Comfort And Safety In Mind

For backpacking, I recommend using an outdoor backpack. You need to choose an ultralight, wearable, waterproof backpack. A backpack is easier to move around than a suitcase. You can walk around, find a place to stay, or take a stroll before you head off to the airport with your bag on your back. The backpack can be placed directly on your lap to save space. You may not sit in some cars if you carry a large boxes, or can not walk on the rough road , and it is not convenient to pick up goods.

The backpack is big if you have many items and it will be smaller when you have less items. More comfortable than the luggage.


Directly look at the backpack volume can be marked on the outside of the backpack. Some backpacks are labeled as 40-- 56L, which means normal 40L, and can hold 56L if you open something. The backpack is not the bigger the better, it should be comfortable enough, and the most important is you like it.

Generally speaking, 30-40l bags are good, half a month of city travel is enough, and there is room for small local gifts.

I use 58L for long distance outdoors, or 40L if the sleeping bag is small enough. Generally 45-60L, because to put tents, sleeping bags, clothes, damp MATS and so on. Large Spaces pack quickly. If the package is too small, you need to compress each object carefully. Put them in order before you go.


Girls try to choose ultra-light designs because you don't have to carry too much on your back, which can hurt your knees. Some bags are weight bags, which are heavy in themselves. Choose ultra light, waterproof, with rain cover (can be additional).

Our range of travel bags for the whole family are so stylish that you might not expect them to be as practical and affordable as they really are. Is designed with your comfort and safety in mind. This WANDF 6013 are available in a Grey, MINT GREEN, NAVY BLUE and red colour, and are thoughtfully designed with padding in the back to give you extra comfort. Each backpack has several compartments, including a padded compartment to keep your laptop safe. Water-repellent material, a lockable zipper and sturdy supports also mean you can carry around your possessions all day without having to worry about their security. But they're also great for your everyday commuting needs. We've got bags you can bring from home to work, work to the gym, then back home again.

As Travel bags it is very convenient for any journey.

WANDF travel bags are very practical and easy to handle. Take a look at our WF6103 Foldable Backpack, which can easily folded up into a small pocket. It means you can use it as a carry-on bag for excess items to avoid overweight-baggage charges. A 12.6" * 5" * 16" bag is only 0.6 pounds and can be folded as a 5" * 6" small bag – whichever way suits you, sir (or madam). And for everyday use on your travels, be sure to bring along this backpack. When it's empty, put it into your luggage; when it's open, you can fit your clothes and travel essentials in there. And smaller bags like toilet bags, accessory bags and laptop cases really make everyday life easier since you can keep all your small or precious things protected and easy to find, bag-in-bag or on their own.

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