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Why WANDF Duffel Bags Are Good Bags For Travel

Everyone need a duffel bag when it comes to travel. These are the things you need to consider before getting a new travel duffel bag.

Duffel bag is the perfect sweet spot between travel backpack and suitcase. Whether you heading to the in-laws for the weekend, traveling to other counries, or road tripping the US, duffel bags are the best way to get your gears. There are many travel bags brands, but I would like to recommend WANDF to you. With so many duffel bags on the market it can be difficult figuring out which one to get. Duffel bags are lightweight, durable, and easy to load.

1. Capacity / Size
This may be the most important thing you need to consider. WANDF duffels can be anywhere from around 25 – 120 liters. Your travel style will determine the capacity you should look for. For shorter trips, typically a 25 – 40-liter bag is alright. 50 – 75-liter duffels are generally used as checked bags, and anything above 75 liters is usually used for longer trips or when people need to bring along a lot of gear and equipment. The WANDF T302 are in all size and the design is great regardless of size.

You should also consider the measurements if you'll be flying a lot. Depending on whether you'll be using it as a carry-on or checked bag, keep in mind that the dimensions are different for different airlines. Classic solid color duffel bags, stylish patterns, cute animal prints, or a Christmas theme, all you want duffel bags are there at it official website.

2. Durability
Duffel bags are made out of a lot of different materials. Cotton, nylon, and polyester tend to be the most popular. When looking for a bag, be sure to pay attention to the material it's made out of, the stitching of the seams, and the quality of the zippers. The higher the denier rating, the tougher the fabric will be. 302 duffel bags are made from unique RipStop water-resistant fabric, ultra lightweight, but wearproof, water-resistant and tear-resistant. High quality SBS metal zippers gurantee the long lasting.

3. Ease of Carrying
Does it only have handles, or does it have a strap or wheels? These will determine how easy it is to carry when it's full. You can choose T302 with shoulder strap or not.

Wheels tend to make duffels the easiest to transport, but they also make the bag heavier. Depending on where you're traveling, wheels may be more of a con than a pro. If you're, for example, backpacking through Europe, then you'll probably encounter a few cobblestone streets that may damage the wheels, and many bags don't offer replaceable wheels. However, if you're only rolling your bag through the airport, putting it in a taxi, then heading to your hotel, then wheels may be a good idea for you. In addition, as an auxiliary duffel bag on top of the suitcase, 302 is also a good choice.

Cushioned shoulder straps are also a popular option and tend to be removable, but it's all based on your personal preference. Straps are perfect for carrying your bag short distances, assuming it's not too heavy.

4. Ease of Packing and Unpacking
The way you access the main compartment will determine how easy or difficult it is to get to your stuff. Some bags have a single zipper that zips across the top, but U-shaped and D-shaped openings make for the easiest packing and unpacking.

5. Lockable Zippers
For some people this isn't a big issue, but for others, lockable zippers give people more peace of mind knowing that others can't just open their bag whenever they feel like it.

6. Pockets
Pockets help with organization, but too many pockets can be unnecessary and difficult to access. Many duffels have interior and exterior pockets and may even offer an additional pocket for your shoes or a padded pocket for your electronics. Consider how much gear you'll be bringing with you then you can figure out an approximate number that will work best for you. For example, if you always bring your DSLR camera and equipment with you then you may need more pockets than you would if you just take short weekend trips and use your phone as your camera. Always take WANDF302 with you on any trip, open up when you need to carry gifts for your friends, or to transfer stuffs from your damaged luggage. Big Size WANDF Duffels are designed well, the shoes compartments may be convenient for you.

7. Weather Resistance
If you'll be taking your duffel with you through your outdoor adventures or it may end up sitting on the airport tarmac longer than you want, then you'll want to make sure it doesn't get easily damaged in the rain or snow. Even if it's water-resistant, water will soak through in the event of a downpour, so it may be best to put your prized possessions in a dry bag if it'll be exposed to the elements often. Lightweight T302 can be fast folded into itself with a compact size, only 1/20 of a regular size luggage. It takes a little space while have large capacity to be used as a backup bag in case your suitcase.

8. Weight
If you're flying, typically the weight limit is 50 pounds. On some airlines it's even less. Rolling duffels are generally heavier than ones without wheels, but easier to get through airports, train stations, etc. Also consider how much you'll be carrying it. Once you fill up a 50 or 60-liter duffel bag, it's going to be pretty heavy to carry on your shoulder. Choose from the WANDF Water-resistant Lightweight T302 Duffle Bag Luggage Duffel Foldable in Multiple Sizes & Colors to Meet Your Specific Needs

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