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Hand Luggage Only? How To Pack Easily

Already booked your flight and imagining yourself walking barefoot on the beach? You have to learn to pack unless you plan to travel in the same outfit.

Whether you're going on a short vacation or trying to save on checked baggage fees, carry on duffle bag is one way to travel effectively. While the following packing tips may seem a little theoretical, they are often forgotten in the frantic rush to catch a flight.

Take a deep breath, stare at your empty backpack, and start packing efficiently!

Take Preparations

Preparation is the first step. Everyone has their own preferences, but the old rules work.

Making a list will help you visualize vividly what you plan to pack - the first rule is to keep it as simple and accurate as possible.

Take Only The Essentials

There is a question: what are the essentials in your luggage? From the basics to the essentials for activities: daily clothing (in addition to what you wear), warm clothing, and formal clothing for outings. Jogging suits? Are you kidding? You're on vacation!

Replacement shoes are optional, and vary from person to person. For some they are a nuisance, for others they are indispensable. Take a compromise: get a pair for the day and a pair for the night, as long as the 12-inch stilettos don't take up too much space.

Here, I will recommend you some duffel bags with a shoe layer

WF304 Duffle Bag 24" With Shoe Compartment

WF304 Duffle Bag 24" With Shoe Compartment

T302 in 18"

WF303 in 20"

As for skin care products, I suggest you to give your skin and hair breathing room and bring only those that are natural and refreshing. If you need to carry more than 100ml of liquid skincare, choose non-negotiable essentials and wait until you get to your destination (or ask if your hotel offers the rest).

What Are You Should Not Take

Don't bring sharp objects on the plane. You've heard it a million times, so don't bring your once-only nail-clippers.

Please avoid carrying fresh animal-derived products, such as meat and cheese, which can be confiscated when you arrive at your destination. Then what can you bring in your hand luggage? If you're not sure, check the rules at your airline or destination airport to make sure nothing gets confiscated.

Keep Important Things Close At Hand

The most important things are obviously passports and boarding passes. If you don't want to wander around on vacation with your passport, bring an extra piece of identification. Consider making a copy of these documents to avoid misplacing them, which will save you a lot of trouble.

What About The Cash?

When it comes to traveling with cash, it's best to take out insurance in case something goes wrong, especially if you change a lot of money. Divide the money in half. Put one half in a handbag and the other half in a small bag you carry with you. A Fanny pack isn't cool, but it's better than crying at the airport after losing all your cash.

Everyone Has A Proper Handbag

Your hand luggage will follow you everywhere, so comfort is more important than style when choosing, and it's best to buy a suitcase on wheels (just be sure to respect airport carry-on size limits). The WF18011112 in 17.7x12.6x6.3 inch meet spirit airline personal item carry on limit 18x14x8. On board with no additional charges, our duffle bag is designed as a carry on bag, you can easily tuck in under the seat in front of you. Up to 40 liters, to carry your gifts and souvenirs, or transfer your things from suitcase.

Weight Respect Requirement

Unless you want to carry a brick in your carry-on, you shouldn't carry too much to respect the weight limit. Fortunately, some airlines have no weight limit on carry-on baggage, as long as you can lift it and put it in the overhead bin.

Packing Tips

You can buy the best luggage and make a list, but if you throw everything in, you may have to worry about closing the lid. Master packing techniques to avoid this mess.

Space-saving techniques include rolling clothes up instead of folding them flat. You can roll them in your shoes or between items to optimize space.

Another trick is to put the rolled up items in a small bag that can be sealed, squeeze them tight and vacuum the packed items. The most important tip on how to pack easily is to wear the thickest and heaviest clothes and accessories while traveling, even if you look like a bloated snowman.

The order in which you pack is equally important. Fill those pesky puffs at the bottom with flat and rectangular items, and keep heavy items like shoes and toiletries (other than liquids that should be easily accessible at security) on the bottom and outside of the box.

As for the extra souvenirs and gadgets you might buy on vacation, make sure to leave some space for them. It's a good idea to buy these items in a duty-free shop - the bags are not included in the luggage weight.

A foldable duffel bag will help you a lot. Put them in your suitcase before you travel, and on the way back, fill them up and bring them back.

For more practical duffel bags, see the details at Duffel Bags Online

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